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Best Golf Rangefinders for Your Game

Golf is a game where you need to be accurate in gauging the distance of your target. It comes with practice and experience. But even the professional players can’t get the distance right even after years of experience, particularly in challenging golf courses with many degrees of elevations. You need the best golf rangefinders to get accurate distance. These Golf GPS rangefinders have completely eliminated any guess work on golf courses.

But thanks to the innovative technology in rangefinders, not you can get accurate yardage to your target just with a press of a button. Some of the best laser rangefinders have be introduced in the market today. They have been a boon to many golfers around the world. They use cutting-edge laser technology to measure distance to any target in any type of golf course; even factoring in slopes.

Some of the best golf rangefinders are Bushnell Pro 1600, Bushnell Tour V2, or for a rangefinder with slope to accurately measure distances when there is a hill check out the Bushnell Pro Slope Edition, and the Bushnell tournament edition. Bushnell rules the market when it comes to finding the best golf rangefinder. Its models are used by beginners and professional golfers alike.

Today you have an overwhelming choice of laser and GPS rangefinders in the market. It can get quite confusing to select the best golf rangefinders which suits your preference and budget. But you can get a lot of guidance and help by reading unbiased best golf rangefinders review on the internet. There are many independent websites which rates different golf rangefinders from various brands and speaks about their special features.

These reviews can help you make an informed decision. It also helps to read customer feedback and reviews on various sites and blogs as you’ll get first hand information from the end-user. Most of the best laser rangefinder for golf is very user-friendly. They give the yardage distance within seconds of pressing the button. They use high-end laser and digital technology to measure distance to any target. Some rangefinders also give you accurate distance even if the target is obstructed by trees or other hazards.

Some of the best laser rangefinders are quite high tech and specifically designed for golfers while some can be used for other purposes to calculate distance of the target object. For example the Yardage Pro is also quite useful for hunters to measure the distance of the animals even through hazards. They can also be used by construction engineers.

If you have the question what is the best golf rangefinder for you then you should first consider your skill level, whether you play tournaments regularly or you are an occasional golfer playing for leisure. Then compare the features of various rangefinders and buy the best range finder for golf that suits your skill sets and of course your budget.

You can find the best golf rangefinders online. It’s the best way to shop for golf GPS or the best laser rangefinders. You get them on popular sale sites like (all of our golf gps reviews, and golf rangefinder reviews have links to Amazon for the unit we are reviewing.) These sites offer you great prices which is far less than what you would pay in any sports game retail store. Some sites also have special offers and provide free shipping if you purchase any additional golf accessories from their site.