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Welcome to Accurate Golf I strive to provide you with all the information you require to find the perfect rangefinders for golf GPS unit to match your needs.

As well as many articles to help you pick the perfect type of yardage tool for your golf game, I provide detailed reviews based on actual feedback from golfers who have used the units on every major golf GPS and golf rangefinder.

If you are shopping for the perfect gift (rangefinders for golf are a very popular Father’s day gift), or uncertain about the benefits of using one of these when golfing, do check out our article discussing the benefits of golfing with a rangefinder or GPS.

Below I’ve outlined the rest of the steps that you’ll need to go through to find you perfect unit.

Top 5 Rated Golf Rangefinders
(click links to detailed reports)
Bushnell Pro 1600 Rangefinder image
Bushnell Pro 1600
Bushnell tour v2 with Pinseeker image
Bushnell Tour V2
Leupold GX-I image
Leupold GX-I
Bushnell Medalist image
Bushnell Medalist
Callaway LR 550 Nikon image
Callaway LR550
Top Rated Golf Rangefinders with Slope
Bushnell Pro Pinseeker 1600 Slope image
Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope
Leupold GX-4 Digital Golf Rangefinder image
Leupold GX-4
Leupold GX-II image
Leupold GX-II
Top 5 Rated Golf GPS Units
Garmin Approach G3 golf GPS image
Garmin Approach G3
Golf Buddy Tour GPS image
Golf Buddy Tour
Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS image
Garmin Approach G5
Sonocaddie Golf GPS V300 image
Sonocaddie V300
Izzo A43093 Swami 3000 Golf GPS Unit Bundle image
Izzo Swami 3000
Other Notable Units
Golf Guru Color image
Golf Guru

Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder and GPS Unit image
Bushnell Hybrid

Combines a golf GPS and rangefinder in one unit
Laser Link Red Hot Rangefinder image
Laser Link Red Hot

Unique style, highly rated

Deciding if you want a Rangefinder or GPS?

The first decision is whether you want a GPS unit or a laser rangefinder. I have covered the pros and cons of each type of yardage device in our article Golf GPS or Laser Rangefinder – Which is Better?

Of course some golfers do carry both types of units, as each have their strengths and weaknesses. The GPS units are a little faster and lighter which makes them great for casual play when speed is important. The laser rangefinders are a bit bigger, but probably more accurate and more versatile.

If you really can’t decide then Bushnell has just released the perfect unit for you. Our Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Review goes over this unique combination of both an optical rangefinder and a satellite GPS unit which is getting very high ratings from golfers.

Did you decide on a Rangefinder for Golf?

If you decided that a laser rangefinder is right for you, then you have a couple more decisions to make. The first is whether or not you will want a “slope” rangefinder. These units are much more accurate than regular rangefinders because they use an inclinometer to factor in changes in elevation when calculating yardages. Sounds great right? Unfortunately these units are not legal for use during any rounds that will count towards your handicap, or in most sanctioned tournament play.

New this season is a rangefinder (see our Leupold GX-4 review) that has slope readings, but these features can be disabled using an included “key.” This unit provides the best of both worlds – a slope rangefinder that can also be tournament legal.

Once you decide on slope or regular rangefinder for golf, read our quick guide to selecting a golf rangefinder to find out the features that are the most relevant to what you want.

From there I created a listing of golf rangefinder reviews, with links to a detailed review and golfer report for every unit, including the top rated Bushnell Pro 1600 Review.

Is a Golf GPS is right for You?

The first thing is to read our article outlining the Top 5 Considerations When Shopping for a Golf GPS so you can be clear about which features are most important to you when you are deciding on which unit is right for you.

Once you understand the various differences that the units will be offering, then you are ready for our list of golf GPS reviews, which has a rating for virtually every unit on the market and a link to a detailed report with golfer feedback for each unit including our top rated Garmin Approach G3 Review.

Need More Background before Deciding?

For a detailed discussion of shopping for golf rangefinder and GPS units, see our Golf GPS and Rangefinder Buyer’s Guide. It should provide you with everything you’ll need to know and consider when buying a yardage device for golfing.

About Accurate Golf

This site was born from my own experiences shopping for rangefinder to improve my golf game. The process was a bit more complex than I expected, so to save other time I decided to put all the information I discovered online into a website.

I hope you find our site useful: a considerable amount of work has gone into compiling and maintaining the information presented here in an effort to save you many hours when shopping for a golf GPS or rangefinder.

In return for this effort be aware that I will be compensated for any purchases that you make as a result of clicking on the links on this website. I am not affiliated with any particular brand or manufacturer, therefore it is in our best interest, as it is yours, for us to recommend the best unit for each golfer’s circumstances and not plug a particular brand or unit because it is a sponsor of the site.

Further to that, I maintain my objectivity by presenting, not my own opinions, but rather the actual points of view of golfers using each particular unit that I am reviewing. I have gathered these points of feedback from around the web and put them together to present a balanced and fair reflection of each unit based on the patterns of praise or complaints offered for each unit.

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